Having relocated to a city where my friends are not just around the corner, I find myself with a lot of spare time. So instead of adding to my extensive list of trashy TV shows (don’t get me wrong, I love me some trashy TV), I’ve made the executive decision to be more productive in 2012.  As a skeptic to anything that looks or smells like commitment I’d like to share with you, my top 4 things to commit to in 2012 in hopes of a more productive and stimulating life. Here it goes…

INSANITY Screen Capture

INSANITY. Yes I’m insane for committing to possibly one of the hardest fitness programs out there (I’ll probably regret it 10 minutes into the work out tomorrow). For those of you who have not heard of INSANITY, it’s a 60-day work out program that includes plyometric drills, nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance and core training. I’ll admit I’ve started the program before and stopped after day 3 because I was so sore, but I’m going to commit to completing the 60 days. I’ll be posting every two weeks about my “insane” progress.

Music. Music makes my heart go boom, boom. I love it all and there is nothing that I love more than to listen to live music. I am making it a goal to go out and explore and discover old and new music. I will definitely be giving you all insight into my musical findings.

Books to read

Read. I love reading, yet these days I cannot seem to finish a book. Not because the content of the book is boring, but I seem to get preoccupied in nonsense. I have shelves and shelves of books that I’ve started and never finished. My goal is to read them and let you know what I think. Maybe we can engage in a discussion…

Live Fearlessly. For an over-thinker such as myself, this can be a huge roadblock. Always torn between the, what if’s, right, wrong, etc. I think that life is too short to not take risks, regardless of the outcome. So cheers to being brave!