Story behind foto: I went camping some time ago, and I learned a new way of how to build a campfire. I am not a pyromaniac, nor do I condone you becoming one. However, I thought it was a pretty cool method, especially because my wildland-fire fighter-boyfriend taught it to me, so I’d say it has the seal of approval. We called it the “Log Cabin Method.”

Here’s what you will need:

  • Matches or a lighter
  • Tinder (anything that is dry such as dried moss, small stick, paper towel, newspaper, leaves or tree bark)
  • Small sticks or rectangular pieces of wood

Step one: create the outer shell by placing two sticks about 5 inches apart, parallel to each other.

Step two: continue stacking them on opposite sides (making sure your structure looks like a square) until the structure is about 7 inches high.

Step three: once you have your outer structure (once again, it should look like a large square) built, add your tinder. I used shredded paper towels and pine needles to make a “nest” like inner filling to the structure.

Step four: create a teepee structure around your “log cabin,” make sure you leave space between the sticks.

Step five: use your lighter or matches to ignite your structure. Once the fire is going strong proceed to add your fire wood and you’re ready to make s’mores, yummy.

Hope you can use this next time you’re out in the woods and need to build a campfire.