Happy Friday!

Meelah BW

Story behind foto: Meelah is my first fur baby ever. We rescued her when she was less than five months old and she has been such a joy. I do not know what it is about cats, but they have such a personality, which makes them a lot of fun. She crack’s me up! At the moment (while I am writing this blog post) she is laying on our bed watching TV with her poppa. When I took the foto above, Ryan and I were watching TV in the living room and Meelah kept looking at us, stretching her little body and just “calling” out for our attention. I finally gave in, took several fotos, and then rubbed her little body.  This was definitely a mellow moment, she usually get a little hyper toward the end of the day. She will run “laps” from the living room all the way to the bedroom and back, it is hilarious! Oh, Meelah, silly kitty. We love you.

Do you have a pet? What is his/her personality like?

~~ CAT