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Yup, that’s right, a 30 Day Challenge.

No, it does not require a strict exercise routine, or an all liquid diet, and it doesn’t even mean you should put your credit (or debit) card away. No need to panic, this is a fun activity. The “30 Day Challenge With Friends” is just that – a 30 day challenge you do with your friends. In our case, with each other.

A week or so ago, Cristy suggested we do this thing she found on a really cute blog she follows. Here’s how our (text) conversation went down, read on:

Cristy: We should do this (she text me a screenshot of the 30 day challenge prompts).

Cat: How do we do it?

Cristy: We just write about it 🙂 one topic a day.

Cat:  I see. Okay. Like a blog post or to each other?

Cristy: To each other 🙂 .

Cat: Okay. I’m in!!! Starting March 1st?

Cristy: Yay, I’m excited. I think it will be fun!

As you can tell, Cristy had to work super hard at convincing me to do the challenge. So now we challenge you, do the 30 day challenge with your friends and see what you learn about each other.

Here are the questions:


Thanks for visiting.

P.s. we’re both a little stressed about Day 06 – 30 interesting facts about yourself. Really, 30?!

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I love repurposing old items, such as picture frames, mirrors, or empty candle jars. Call it frugalness or craftiness, either way I am okay with both.

About five months ago, Ryan and I purchased our very first home, which we love. We moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom home with an extra workshop room in the backyard. We have a lot more space, yay! However, the one thing our home does not have is large walk-in closets, which our apartment did. Anyway, I took over one of the extra bedrooms and turned that into my “Wo-Cave,” aka office and closet. Ryan got the workshop room in the back, which will be his “Man Cave.” We’re both happy with that arrangement.

I envisioned my Wo-Cave being a serene and Zen like space where I could be inspired to write, read, and get ready in the mornings for work. It was supposed to be a place where I could get lost in time and just be free to do whatever I wanted. I wanted the décor to be feminine yet not too girly – hot pinks were not an option. So, I decided I’d paint the walls white to match the furniture and then have an accent wall with white and grey vertical stripes. A sunshine “happy” yellow would be the accent color in the room.

Something like this:


Five months later, the room is plain white – everything is white – furniture, walls, curtains. Everything!

Here’s where the mirror comes in, initially it was supposed to be a pop of color on the accent wall. BUT, I had no idea painting a room was so much work! It took me about three days and multiple trips to the home improvement store to finish painting the walls. After that experience, I did not want to add stripes to the wall, which it’s why it remains white. Initially I wanted the accent wall to be white with grey stripes and the mirror frame to be a “happy” yellow – pop of color on that wall. Scratch that idea!

Now, the mirror is white, on white with more white.

Here’s how I repurposed the mirror giving it a new and more modern look.

Repurpose an Old Mirror04

You will need spray paint, painters tape, old newspapers, and the piece you’re going to repurpose.

Repurpose an Old Mirror01

  1. Cover the mirror glass portion and secure it with the painters tape. Create two layers to prevent paint from bleed through the paper and getting on the glass.
  2. Spray your paint on to the piece you’re working with. Give it several coats of paint to make it one solid color. I did three layers of paint.
  3. Let it fully dry for at least 24hours prior to hanging it on your wall.

Repurpose an Old Mirror03

That’s it, super easy way to repurpose an old mirror!





What would you attempt to do?

One of my favorite quotes.

Pearls and Paris


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How to

Do as I say, not as I do – clean your make-up brushes often.

For several years, I’ve been cleaning my brushes by using the same product and method. I’ve tried others, but this is what works best for my brushes and I.

BrushCleaning 02

Before finding Mrs. Meyer’s, I used baby shampoo. However, I was never happy with the results. I always felt like my brushes were not completely cleaned. After seeing a YouTube video about “How to clean your make-up brushes,” I decided to try Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is all natural, gentle on the brushes, and I love the Lavender scent. It’s a win, win, YAY!!

BrushCleaning 03

As you can see, my brushes are dirty!

Here’s how I clean the brushes, super easy.

First, I squirt a pump of soap on my palm. Then I wet the brush head to moisten all the old make-up residue, YUCK! After, I swirl the brush in the hand soap until I see the gunk come out of the brush, as seen below. I usually do this wash and rinse method twice, once per small brush.


Wash, swirl, rinse and repeat if necessary. That’s it! Quick and simple way to clean your make-up brushes.

Next, how to dry your brushes… super easy!

You will need a few hair ties.

Take a hair tie, make a “C” shape wrap on your towel drying rod, and insert the brush handle through the loops.

It should look something like this:

BrushCleaning 05

This method totally works! You must try it next time you clean your brushes.

It even works with Kabuki brushes, which is awesome!

BrushCleaning 07

For smaller brushes I just doubled them, two per hair tie. It works great!

Anyway, give it a try. If you do, use the hashtag #CtoC so I can see your results. Have brush recommendations? Let me know what are your fave’s.

Here are my clean and yummy smelling brushes. Want to know how I made my beauty tray? Visit: Easy DIY Tray tutorial.

Brush Cleaning 08

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