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Do as I say, not as I do – clean your make-up brushes often.

For several years, I’ve been cleaning my brushes by using the same product and method. I’ve tried others, but this is what works best for my brushes and I.

BrushCleaning 02

Before finding Mrs. Meyer’s, I used baby shampoo. However, I was never happy with the results. I always felt like my brushes were not completely cleaned. After seeing a YouTube video about “How to clean your make-up brushes,” I decided to try Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is all natural, gentle on the brushes, and I love the Lavender scent. It’s a win, win, YAY!!

BrushCleaning 03

As you can see, my brushes are dirty!

Here’s how I clean the brushes, super easy.

First, I squirt a pump of soap on my palm. Then I wet the brush head to moisten all the old make-up residue, YUCK! After, I swirl the brush in the hand soap until I see the gunk come out of the brush, as seen below. I usually do this wash and rinse method twice, once per small brush.


Wash, swirl, rinse and repeat if necessary. That’s it! Quick and simple way to clean your make-up brushes.

Next, how to dry your brushes… super easy!

You will need a few hair ties.

Take a hair tie, make a “C” shape wrap on your towel drying rod, and insert the brush handle through the loops.

It should look something like this:

BrushCleaning 05

This method totally works! You must try it next time you clean your brushes.

It even works with Kabuki brushes, which is awesome!

BrushCleaning 07

For smaller brushes I just doubled them, two per hair tie. It works great!

Anyway, give it a try. If you do, use the hashtag #CtoC so I can see your results. Have brush recommendations? Let me know what are your fave’s.

Here are my clean and yummy smelling brushes. Want to know how I made my beauty tray? Visit: Easy DIY Tray tutorial.

Brush Cleaning 08

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