Yup, that’s right, a 30 Day Challenge.

No, it does not require a strict exercise routine, or an all liquid diet, and it doesn’t even mean you should put your credit (or debit) card away. No need to panic, this is a fun activity. The “30 Day Challenge With Friends” is just that – a 30 day challenge you do with your friends. In our case, with each other.

A week or so ago, Cristy suggested we do this thing she found on a really cute blog she follows. Here’s how our (text) conversation went down, read on:

Cristy: We should do this (she text me a screenshot of the 30 day challenge prompts).

Cat: How do we do it?

Cristy: We just write about it 🙂 one topic a day.

Cat:  I see. Okay. Like a blog post or to each other?

Cristy: To each other 🙂 .

Cat: Okay. I’m in!!! Starting March 1st?

Cristy: Yay, I’m excited. I think it will be fun!

As you can tell, Cristy had to work super hard at convincing me to do the challenge. So now we challenge you, do the 30 day challenge with your friends and see what you learn about each other.

Here are the questions:


Thanks for visiting.

P.s. we’re both a little stressed about Day 06 – 30 interesting facts about yourself. Really, 30?!