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The adventure began about three years ago. I recall reading a blog post here on WordPress, I registered and took a survey on, then a few months later I got an email letting me know I was selected to receive my first #VoxBox. I have been hooked since then!

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Influenster is a community for social media hotshots to share news, products, and reviews.” I have been working with Influenster for nearly three years and I love it! Through Influenster bloggers and social media “hotshots” get to work on campaigns ranging from beauty products to food or home goods. In the past I have worked with brands such as CoverGirl, Palmolive, Rimmel, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Hawaiian Tropics, Dove, and many others. Currently, I am reviewing a Vidal Sassoon products.

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Each campaign has a clever name like #CalienterVoxBox, #UniVoxBox, #VioletVoxBox are just a few of the ones I have received. Oh, did I mention that all of these products are FREE! Yes, all products are free for review. Each campaign has specific Tasks – the more you do the more points and Badges you get. Also, depending on the campaign and brand there are bonus activities such as creating a YouTube video or a Vine, etc. Plus, there are contest activities where if you are one of the first  50 or 100 individuals to unlock a badge you have a chance to win a brand box. Earlier this year I won a P&G Everyday voxbox. It was full of products that I already use, such as Secret deodorant, Olay moisturizer, a Gillette Venus razor, and a few CoverGirl products.

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Influenster always has multiple campaigns going on. Individuals get to participate on a campaign if you qualify depending on the demographics the brands are looking for.


Why I love Influenster:

  1. Each time I receive a box in the mail I feel like I am part of an exclusive club.
  2. I get to review and share my thoughts on specific products.
  3. Oh, did I mention they’re FREE!
  4. I’ve been introduced to products and brands I’ve never heard of before Influenster.
  5. Lastly, it is FUN! I love trying new products and telling others about them.

Want to Join the Fun?

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Influenster also has an app found on iTunes, which if full of product reviews and useful information.

#InfluensterNation is great and if you can’t tell, I LOVE it! Join the adventure and have fun trying great products and working with awesome brands.

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