Who are we?

Both chatty and inquisitive, it was no surprise that we quickly became close friends during a journalism/public relations course. Our friendship quickly evolved when we became gym buddies. Whether it was the rush of endorphins from working out or our brilliant minds in action, we found that we had the best “friendspirations” during our gym sessions. We always aspired to work on a project together where we could communicate our thoughts, experiences and ideas, but we were unsure of where our post-graduation lives would lead us.

Ultimately, post-graduation life did take us in different directions. Cat moved to northern California and Cristy moved to a different city in southern California, but our “friendspirations” never stopped so we created C to C Friendspirations. This blog is our virtual meeting place where we will share with you the things that inspire us:  life, love, food, fitness, beauty, music, sports, travel and fun!

So we hope you will enjoy our blog and possibly find your own friendspirations along the way!

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