One of the C's

Meet Cat

I always have a hard time “talking (in this case, writing) about myself,” so here’s my best attempt.

I am a Northern California Native, moved to Southern California to attend college (where I met the other C). About three years ago, I moved back up north and now live in the Central Valley. Love living in The Golden State!

By day, I work for a non-profit. Not sure what my ultimate purpose is or what I’ll be doing in 10 years, but I hope to gain as much knowledge and skills, one day at a time.

My ultimate life goal, in this lifetime, is to live a long happy healthy life surrounded by loved one and great friends. I want to live to 100. When I do reach the triple digits I want to look back and say the following: “Now I’m old and feeling gray. I don’t know what’s left to say about this life I’m willing to leave, I lived it full, I lived it well, as many tales I live to tell. I’m ready now, I’m ready now, I’m ready now.” One more thing about me, music inspires me greatly. The quote above is from Priscilla Ahn’s song called “Dream.”

I enjoy the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, camping, and water sports, but I don’t part-take as much as I’d like to, mind you I live less than 10 minutes from a lake and about five from a river… I know, I know. Moving on, I love anything beauty/fashion related. I’m addicted to watching YouTube beauty video’s (ssshh it’s a secret). I’ve been described as resourceful, kind, a dork, a girly-girl, quiet, loud and I’m sure there’s been more. Oh yes, and I like to see my cup or glass, half-full.

One more important thing – If you are talking to me and feel the need to say “remember in [insert a popular movie that everyone who grew up in 80s/90s America has seen] when [insert famous, much-quoted action] happened?” Or if you ask, “Who sings this song [insert any popular band from the 80s/90s that is ‘classic’ or super well known]?” Don’t bother. For several reasons I missed out on seeing movies like Star Wars, Full Metal Jacket, ET, etc., or  listening to Guns N’ Roses, George Michael, Lionel Richie, etc. Many have tried and failed, sorry. Maybe I’ll share my reasons later.

Through this blog I hope to share part of my life with you, which includes hobbies, photographs, and a whole lot of fun (of course!). And as you may have read, this is the “virtual meeting place” for Cristy and I, so good times here we come!