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There’s only a few hours left of Cyber Monday! Which means I need to go get my shop on. I’ll have to report my finds later on this week. Tell us, what deals have you scored?

Happy Shopping!!!


I don’t know about you, but I was fascinated with TLC’s (the TV channel, not the group) Extreme Couponing. I was amazed at how much stuff these individuals would buy with so little money, and all thanks to coupons!

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I set-out to figure out how to save money with coupons (of course I’d like to be an “extreme couponer,” but it’s pretty difficult to save that much when coupons are not doubled… And, I live in the Golden State aka prices are higher).

So, I’ll be sharing with you a few tricks I’ve learned and some of the best deals I’ve scored, but first, I tell you how I got started.

Get Coupons:

Sunday newspaper – I subscribe to a Sunday paper, and I get a second one from an anonymous source. I was once told that “a good rule of thumb is to purchase one newspaper per family member.”

Ask friends and family – if they get a newspaper but throw out the coupons then I’m sure they’ll be happy to give it to you. Hey, maybe you can work out a little deal and it can be a little win-win exchange.

Coupon trading – find a couponing buddy with whom you can trade coupons. For example, I have a cat and always throw out dog related coupons; I would not mind sending those to a friend if she would mail me cat item coupons, see what I’m saying? This can be done with pretty much anything.

Print coupons – there are so many online printable coupons all you have to do is search.

Subscribe to other couponer blogs – I subscribe to at least five couponer blogs and I get daily emails full of coupons, sales, freebies, and many other deals. It’s a good way to get coupons.

Organize your coupons:

I keep mine in a 3-ring binder with monthly dividers. This will have to be another blog post, stay tuned.

Choose a store and know its coupon policy:

I shop at several different stores depending on their deals. I find it easier to do this than to just shop at one specific store, this may be different for you. Do what works for you and your schedule.  Overall, I have found that some stores require you to be a card member to get better deals for example Safeway (aka Vons) or CVS.

Stacking coupons – one of the best examples for doing this is Safeway. Basically, they’ll advertise an item but will provide you with a by-store-coupon (usually in the back of their weekly ads) but then you can use one manufacturer coupon (what you get in a Sunday newspaper), this is a great way to maximize your savings.

Make a plan:

I cannot tell you how important this is. Other than cutting your coupons this will consume more of your time.

Weekly Ads – read the weekly store ads to see what is on sale and which stores have the best deals. You can also find them online.

Coupon Matchups – here’s where the fun starts, match coupons to the sale items to get better deals. Most couponing blogs will do this for you, but I like to find my own.

Price match – some stores (Wal-Mart) will price match. Basically, if one item is less than what it is at Wal-Mart, show the AD to the cashier and you’ll get the lower price.

Make a list – save’s you time and keeps it all organized when you’re going up and down isles in the store.

Rain checks – If your store is out of a sale item, ask for a rain check! Then you can come back another day and get the item… Who know, you may even be able to gather coupons for this item.

Now let me show you a few good deals I’ve scored over the last few weeks:

laundry detergent

Tide laundry detergent less than $2 for both

Dawn Dish soap

Dawn Dish soap less than $0.75 each

Gevalia coffee - ground and whole bean bags

Gevalia coffee $3.99 each

Coffee Creamer

International Delight coffee creamer $1 each


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