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Happy 4th of July and welcome back to our 4th day of 4th of July nails!

For our final nail art post I decided to go with something simple yet fun, I like to call it Party in the USA. There is no need for any fancy artistic technique for this design, simply have fun with it. The picture of the final product is self explanatory, but just in case you want to know what strategy I used, read below.

What you will need:

  1. Red nail polish (Sally Hansen)
  2. Royal blue nail polish w/blue glitter undertone (Sinful Colors at CVS)
  3. Glitter polish with red, blue and silver sparkles (Off Brand)
  4. Angled paint brush + nail polish remover
  5. Miley CyrusParty in the USA playing in the background 😉



I have this horrible habit of applying too many colors and too many layers at the same time and then simply ruining my polish.  Since I knew I would be using three different colors this time around, I decided to take it one color at a time.

1. Painted my thumb, middle and pinky fingers with the red polish and let the 1st and 2nd coat completely dry before moving on to the next color. Once these were completely dry I took my angled brush, dipped it in nail polish remover and cleaned around the edges. I chose to go with the red first, because it has been my experience that red polish is the messiest…especially when it comes to cleaning around the edges.

2. I went ahead and did one coat of glitter on my ring and pinky fingers.

3. I then applied two coats of the blue polish on my index finger. While that dried I applied two more coats of glitter on my ring and pinky fingers.

4. When the blue was completely dry I cleaned around the edges, applied top coat and wallahhh!

Like I said, the design is pretty simple, but I love it and I will definitely be rocking it at the 4th of July block party.

4th nails





Thank you for coming back and taking a peek at our 3rd day of 4th of July nails !

Today’s design is what I like to call Patriotic Tye Dye. I came across a similar design (with different colors) on Pinterest and I thought it would be an awesome effect to try for 4th of July. The design is messy and fun.

You’ll need:

  1. White nail polish
  2. Royal blue nail polish
  3. Bright red nail polish
  4. make-up wedge (latex-free)
  5. Flat, angled paint brush
  6. Nail polish remover


Step 1: Take your wedge sponge and dab a drop of each polish on a corner of the wedge sponge ( I recommend you used a latex-free sponge, as it is less porous). Allow the colors to overlap each other.


Step 2: Take the sponge and start dabbing it on your fingernail until nail is completely covered.


Step 3: Allow polish to dry and then take the angled paint brush, dip it in nail polish remover and clean up any messy edges.

Step 4: If you wish, add some subtle glitter, if not go ahead and add some top coat and walaaah!


Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for the final 4th of July post tomorrow!

– Cristy

Here’s the first in our 2013 4th of July Nails Series.

Products I used:

(Red) China Glaze “Cranberry Splash”

(White) Orly “White Tips”

(Blue) Julep “Ally”


Start by painting your nails with a white base on your four fingers, and blue on the thumb.


Then I added tiny “stars” on my thumb. Be sure the polish is still wet to secure the stars and top it off with a clear coat. Remember you can always pain on little stars or simply use a silver glitter polish to resemble stars.


Next, use painter tape and cut little strips. Add those strips to your four fingers with the white base.


After, add red polish on top of your four nails. Let the polish dry for a few seconds and peel off.


Remember to add a top coat to add shine and here you have the final look!


The design is quick and easy to re-create. Go ahead, rock that flag!

Thanks for your visit, remember to come back tomorrow for a new look.


Happy 4th of July!!!

As you may know, stars and stripes are what make up the U.S. flag, which also served as the inspiration to this tutorial. Remember to wear your red, white, and blue on this holiday.





Products used:

  • Love & Beauty – Indigo
  • NYC (in a new York minute) – Time Square
  •  L.A. Color Art Deco – White
  • Essie – Set in Stones



Keeping with the on-going theme, here is another tutorial inspired by fireworks and the holiday (U.S. Independence Day – 4th of July).







Products used:

  • Sally Hansen – Blue me Away!
  •  L.A. Color Art Deco – Red Glitter
  • L.A. Color Art Deco – White
  • Pure Ice – Oh baby!
  • Wet n wild – I’m Seeing Double

Once again, check back tomorrow for a new tutorial.

Thank you,


Fourth of July (U.S. Independence Day) is upon one of my favorite holidays, why? The fireworks!! As a child Sparkler’s were so much fun! So, here is the first in the set of nail tutorials inspired by fireworks and the holiday.





Products used:

  • Essie – Set in Stone
  • Sally Hansen (Blue me Away), Love & Beauty (Indigo), and  L.A. Color Art Deco (White) – combined to make a midrange blue
  • L.A. Color Art Deco – White
  • Pure Ice – Crimson

Check back tomorrow for a different tutorial.


Here’s a sneak preview at a set of 4th of July inspired nail tutorials, to be posted every day until Independence Day. They are all pretty easy and quick to do, so get your red, white and blue polishes ready… Silver sparkly nail polish is a plus.


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