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Cat’s Favorites

LORAC – Perfectly Lit Powder in Spotlight. I heard so many YouTube Beauty Guru’s raving about this product and they were right. I love the soft shimmer providing healthy glow to my cheeks. This is usually more of a summer product, but I have been using it year-round.


LOREAL – True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer in light/medium W4-5. I’ve used up several of these concealer crayons during 2013. I absolutely love how creamy and blendable they are. I usually use it for under the eye bags concealing, but I’ve also been known to get carried away and used it to cover sunspots and blemishes. Plus, if you get your hands on a darker shade it can me used to contour, that’s on my “To Do” list.


Maybelline – The Rocket Volume Express waterproof mascara. This mascara is awesome! It provide volume, it holds my curl and it black! I mean, really black. However, most importantly, it does not cling on to my lashes. You know how some waterproof mascaras just cling on to your lashes, even with makeup remover you wake up with “smoky” look the next morning. Well, The Rocket Volume Express does not do that and it doesn’t get flacky either. I absolutely love it.


STILA – Convertible Color in Peony.
 RIMMEL – Lasting Finish in Santa Rose.
Blushes, oh blush, how I love thee! I do, I really do. I could not choose just one, so I picked these two. Stila’s Peony is a cream blush in a very natural pinky mauve color. The reason why I love this blush is because it’s blendable, hydrating and easy to wear. Plus, the “convertible” part of it means it can be used as a lippie, which I also love. Rimmel’s Santa Rose is a lovely cheer pink color, it’s very natural and wearable year-round.


TOO FACED – Chocolate Soleil. How can one go wrong with CHOCOLATE?! First this matte bronzing powder smells like CHOCOLATE. Yes, chocolate! Secondly, it is super blendable proving a warm and healthy glow to your skin. Absolutely love it.


REVLON – Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart and Rendezvous. I mostly wore these two lip balms during the summer. These two are so vibrant and vivid, perfect for those warm summer months. Plus, these balms have a yummy minty taste and smell that make my lips tingle. Recently Cover Girl came out with a new line of balms, but I have not tried them yet. Anyway, these two are beautiful colors perfect for all skin tones. Go get you some!

Just Bitten

ESSIE – Good To Go! If you don’t know yet, I have a minor obsession with nail polish. I love nail polish! So, in order to keep your polish looking nice, shiny and last a while you will need a good top coat. Guess what? Essie’s Good To Go is awesome!!! This top coat makes my nails super shiny, it makes the color last longer and it helps prevent chipping. Love, love, love!


JULEP – Bare Face Cleansing Oil, melts make-up off my face. Bare Face Cleansing Oil makes it so easy to take off waterproof mascara without irritating my eyes. I absolutely LOVE IT! According to, “This lightweight, antioxidant-rich cleanser gently and thoroughly dissolves makeup, dirt, and excess oil without over-drying skin, then rinses clean with no oily residue. Recommended for all skin types.”

I got this product through my month Julep Maven subscription. I invite you to check out Julep, click here.


BLOW PRO – After Blow finishing spray.  I was introduced to this product through one of my subscriptions and I immediately fell in love with it. First, it totally tames my flyaways hairs. It does not leave residue and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crispy or super hard. PLUS, it smell great! I found my full size bottle at TJMaxx for less than $10. Go try it!

HairSpray (2)

Cristy’s Favorites

Mary Kay – Timewise Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Finding a moisturizer I love has always been a challenge for me. You see the ones for oily skin always cause me to break out, while the ones for dry skin over-dry my skin to the point of peeling. I was a bit skeptical when I purchased the Mary Kay moisturizer as I expected it to be just like all the others. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the Timewise moisturizer not only makes my skin feel silky soft, but it doesn’t make it oily and it looks and feels a lot more fresh and youthful.

photo 2

MAYBELLINE – Nouveou Age Rewind Concealer. Finding a good concealer posed to be just as difficult for me as finding a good moisturizer. Most concealers I have found leave a chalky residue and typically don’t cover all that they are supposed to, so when Cat featured the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in her favorites last year, I decided t give it a try and I LOVE IT! I suggest you all give it a try.

photo 1

Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (medium). (So Cat just raved about this roduct above, but I love it so much I thought I would toss in my two cents as well) Contour, contour and contour seem to be the latest craze right now…but finding the correct bronzer is quite the challenge. I can confidently say that I have about 6 different bronzers in my makeup box, none of which do the trick for me…either they just blend in or they have too much shimmer. About three months ago I went into Sephora on a mission to find the perfect bronzer and tada…I did 🙂 While it cost me a pretty penny ($25) the Too Faced bronzer is now my absolute favorite. It is worth every penny. Not only is it matte, but it lasts all day. Not to mention it smells and tastes like cocoa. If you are on the market for a good bronzer I highly recommend it…I believe it comes in three different shades.


ELF – Eyebrow Kit. I used to darken my brows with a dark eye shadow, but I would find that sometimes they would turn out too dark or the fill would fade away after a few hours. During a vacation trip, a friend of mine had this in her makeup bag and allowed me to use it. To my surprise I was quite impressed that for a mere $3 the ELF Eyebrow Kit gives brows a very natural look (not too dark) and lasts all day. I give it two thumbs up.


Batiste – Dry Shampoo. Just like a good bronzer, finding a good dry shampoo that does the work and doesn’t make my hair look like George Washington’s tanned twin has also been a challenge. I have gone through my share of dry shampoos…from simple baby powder, talk based shampoos and aerosol ones, they all either don’t blend well, don’t absorb the oil or smell bad. Originally I had purchased a regular Batiste dry shampoo and I loved the way it absorbed the oil but I was not too keen on the smell of roses it left behind. One day while at Marshalls I saw a Batiste bottle for dark hair! I was so excited I had to buy it. The dark hair one blends in perfectly and it smells great. I recommend all brunettes out there give it a try. 🙂


Hello, my name is Cat and I am a nail polish addict. I love nail polish. True story.


In past Cristy and I have shared our favorite nail polish by season, check them out:

Fall 2013

Summer 2013

Fall 2012 part 1

Fall 2012 part 2

As I said, I personally have a minor obsession with nail colors, still don’t believe me? Check out #TipsyTuesday  or #Beauty.

Okay, I think I’m making point clear. I even shared an Easy at Home Manicure and a DIY Nail Strengthener.

Recently, I stumbled upon an article that totally supports my addiction. The article is available on and was retweeted by Huffington Post, check out the full article, click here.

Here’s a quick recap of “21 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Painting Your Nails.”

  1. Three strokes are all you need.
  2. Always use base coat.
  3. Repurpose your old lip brush to help tidy up the edges of your nail.
  4. Find the right white (I would also include the right nude).
  5. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish.
  6. Swipe on cuticle oil religiously.
  7. Hold your hands under cold water post-paint job.
  8. Make your neon polish pop.
  9. Apply thin, not thick coats of polish.
  10. Keep your paint in a cool, dry, dark place aka your fridge.
  11. Thin out too-thick nail polish with thinner.
  12. Never shake your nail polish.
  13. Never cut your cuticles.
  14. Only bust out the nippers when you have a hangnail.
  15. Never saw your nails back and forth when you file them.
  16. Stay away from hot water.
  17. Use non-acetone nail polish remover whenever possible.
  18. Go for glitter.
  19. Use a cotton ball to help remove your glitter polish.
  20. Always use three-free polish.
  21. Always use a top coat.

What’s nail polish color(s) are you currently addicted to? Lately I’ve been all about greens! Greyish greens and earthy hues.

Thanks for visiting C to C,



Happy Tipsy Tuesday, y’all!

Welcome back to C to C’s  Halloween Nail Series of 2014. Today’s nails series is inspired by zombies! Creepy, nasty, dead zombies, eeww.

Zombie Nails01

These are the products I used, feel free to use any colors you like. This can be re-created with cute pale colors or dark and gross like mine.


Step One: base coat should be a nude color (I used New York Color’s – Fashion Safari).


Step two: with a dark red or plum color draw a half circle near your cuticles. This will add dimension to your design.

Zombie Nails 02

Step three: with a makeup sponge dab on a dark red polish near the cuticles and the edge of your nails. Follow the same step with a purple or plum color. Using the two nail colors will give your design a bit of contrast and dimension making it look more realistic.

Zombie nails 03

Step Four: using the same makeup sponge (cut off the previously used section so you have a new clean surface) add the nude color used as the base and dab on to the entire nail. This will smooth out any harsh line.

Zombie nails 04

Step five (optional): use a small brush or a cotton swab (Q-tip), dip it in acetone and clean up the skin around the nail. OR, you can leave it all messy like to give a nastier effect. Totally up to you.

Here you have it Zombie Nails!

Zombie Nails

View more Halloween inspired nails here, here, and here.




Welcome to our Halloween Nail Series of 2014. Halloween is about three weeks away and in honor of the oh so creative holiday, Cat and I will be doing a series of Halloween inspired nail posts. I would like to kick-off our series with a little something I like to call Spooky. Spooky was inspired by an eyeball design I am working on perfecting (design coming soon). It was very simple to create and I think it’s pretty cool so here it is.

Step 1: I simply painted all my nails black…waited for them to dry and added one thick coat of white crackle nail polish to all nails except to my index finger.

Step 2: With a bobby pin I dabbled two parallel white dots on my index finger.


Step 3: Once the white dot was dry I applied a much smaller black dot with the other end of the bobby on to the white dots…

Step 4: Once all coats of polish dried I applied a top coat and wallah.

Like I said the design is super simple but I think it’s pretty neat. Hope you enjoy! To view other designs visit here or here.


— Cristy


Hi all! It’s that time again for us to share with you our favorite fall nail colors. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Cat’s Favorite Fall 2013 Nail Polish:


Essie – Smokin’ Hot (pictured darker than actual color). According to the Essie website this is, “a stone-cold fox gray that burns hotter than any flame.”  I absolutely fell in love with the color when I saw it at my local Target.


Wet n Wild – Through the Grapevine. A beautiful fuchsia almost like a dark red wine color with a hint of pink. I love the Megalast line of nail polish, they last a long time, they are inexpensive and the colors are awesome. View more of my collection here.


China Glaze – Dress Me Up. Is a brownish mauve color, very neutral and great for fall.


NYC (New York Color) – Fashion Safari. Is a beautiful milky tan color. Once again, a beautiful neutral color great for fall and perfect for the office.


Julep – Florence. Is a creamy milky ivory, once again, perfect for the office. This is part of the “Classic with a Twist” Julep collection. To learn more about Julep and to become a Julep Maven click here.

Cristy’s Favorite Fall 2013 Nail Polishes:

photo 4

O.P.I. – Malaga Wine. What can I say, I’m a fan of the reds, so it’s super fitting that one of my favorite fall colors is a deep wine red.

photo 3

O.P.I. – Skip the Gift Wrap – Green is not typically a color I gravitate to, but this polish is so rich and deep that I’m a bit addicted to it.

photo 2

O.P.I. – A-taupe the Space Needle – Ahhh the good ol’ brown fall color. Always a favorite of mine. This might look very similar to one of my favorites from last year, but this one is much deeper and reminds me of cocoa milk :).

photo 1

O.P.I. – Suzi Takes the Wheel. Last but not least and probably my favorite for the season. A gray with a slight brown/rustic undertone.


Hello, my name is Cat and I have a problem… I am addicted watching make-up videos on YouTube! That’s right, you heard right – beauty videos on YouTube!

Most nights before falling asleep, you’ll see me in bed with my iPad resting on my chest, earphones securely place on my ears, watching “Beauty Guru’s” reviewing, giving tutorials, and sharing their favorite beauty related products on YouTube. One of the women I watch is Marlena (aka MakeUp Geek).

MakeupGeek 2013

Marlena has been sharing makeup and beauty video for five years on her channel and considers herself a Makeup Educator not necessarily a “Makeup Artist.” She also created an online store and a personal blog. Not too long ago, Marlena release her own makeup line.

Here are a few of the Makeup Geek shadows:

MakeupGeek 2013B

Let’s get to the point of this post. Over a year ago, I had the honor of personally meeting Marlena and the Makeup Geek team. I met them at an open casting call for models in Sacramento. No, no, I am not a model, but it was an opportunity I could not pass on. Fortunately, for me, I was selected as one of her models and recently was featured on the Makeup Geek website and YouTube channel. I wanted to share my experience with any fellow Makeup Geek fans!

My shoot was scheduled in the afternoon at Makeup Geek headquarters in Sacramento. I met her staff and they took my on a tour of their office/studio. They made sure I was comfortable and were so hospitable.

Yes, I was a little star struck to meet Marlena once again, but she’s so sweet and kind that right away I felt as though we were good friends working together on a project.

Marlena went on to explain the inspiration for the look – the packaging for Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods: a pretty mix of purplely pink with some rustic gold and bronzy colors. I almost hyperventilated because I would never dare to wear so much color on my eyelids, but Miss Makeup Geek knew what she was doing. The look came out to be a pretty, dramatic smoky eye, with huge flirty lashes.

See the entire tutorial below:

As a perk of the gig, I was mailed Makeup Geek eye shadows and a check, thank you Marlena! Here are the colors.

MakeupGeek 2013C

To learn more about Makeup Geek click here.

You should know, that I had a great time and I hope to be called back again (hint, hint, Marlena). The shoot took about 3 hours from beginning to end.

Thank you for visiting C to C,



Happy 4th of July and welcome back to our 4th day of 4th of July nails!

For our final nail art post I decided to go with something simple yet fun, I like to call it Party in the USA. There is no need for any fancy artistic technique for this design, simply have fun with it. The picture of the final product is self explanatory, but just in case you want to know what strategy I used, read below.

What you will need:

  1. Red nail polish (Sally Hansen)
  2. Royal blue nail polish w/blue glitter undertone (Sinful Colors at CVS)
  3. Glitter polish with red, blue and silver sparkles (Off Brand)
  4. Angled paint brush + nail polish remover
  5. Miley CyrusParty in the USA playing in the background 😉



I have this horrible habit of applying too many colors and too many layers at the same time and then simply ruining my polish.  Since I knew I would be using three different colors this time around, I decided to take it one color at a time.

1. Painted my thumb, middle and pinky fingers with the red polish and let the 1st and 2nd coat completely dry before moving on to the next color. Once these were completely dry I took my angled brush, dipped it in nail polish remover and cleaned around the edges. I chose to go with the red first, because it has been my experience that red polish is the messiest…especially when it comes to cleaning around the edges.

2. I went ahead and did one coat of glitter on my ring and pinky fingers.

3. I then applied two coats of the blue polish on my index finger. While that dried I applied two more coats of glitter on my ring and pinky fingers.

4. When the blue was completely dry I cleaned around the edges, applied top coat and wallahhh!

Like I said, the design is pretty simple, but I love it and I will definitely be rocking it at the 4th of July block party.

4th nails





Thank you for coming back and taking a peek at our 3rd day of 4th of July nails !

Today’s design is what I like to call Patriotic Tye Dye. I came across a similar design (with different colors) on Pinterest and I thought it would be an awesome effect to try for 4th of July. The design is messy and fun.

You’ll need:

  1. White nail polish
  2. Royal blue nail polish
  3. Bright red nail polish
  4. make-up wedge (latex-free)
  5. Flat, angled paint brush
  6. Nail polish remover


Step 1: Take your wedge sponge and dab a drop of each polish on a corner of the wedge sponge ( I recommend you used a latex-free sponge, as it is less porous). Allow the colors to overlap each other.


Step 2: Take the sponge and start dabbing it on your fingernail until nail is completely covered.


Step 3: Allow polish to dry and then take the angled paint brush, dip it in nail polish remover and clean up any messy edges.

Step 4: If you wish, add some subtle glitter, if not go ahead and add some top coat and walaaah!


Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for the final 4th of July post tomorrow!

– Cristy

One of our favorite pass times is to watch beauty videos on YouTube, and with those come the annual favorites. Favorite product videos are a round-up of items that one used throughout the year and that were top picks over and over.
Here we share our favorite beauty items of 2012 and we hope you enjoy, feel free to share yours with us.

Cat’s favorites:


Face Products
Milani (even-touch) Powder Foundation in Natural
Elf Blush in Pink Passion
Cover Girl Cheekers in Rose Silk (I use this as a highlight)
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Medium


Maybelline One by One Volume Express in Blackest Black (waterproof)
Milani Liquif’eye in Brown (click here for a mini review)

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Original
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Watermelon Juice
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine


WetnWild polish

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color line


Body Lotion
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Butterfly Flower


Olay Age Defying Body Wash


CHI silk Infusion

Cristy’s Favorites:


Victoria Secrets PINK – Fresh & Clean body mist is my favorite 2012 scent. It smells just as fresh and clean as the name implies.

IMG_2597 IMG_2600

Lancome Hypnose mascara is hands down one of the greatest mascaras ever. I love how it lengthens without leaving clumps behind. It’s a bit on the pricy side but worth every dollar.

e.l.f. cream eyeliner pot is my favorite form of eyeliner. It doesn’t run like most liquid liners and most importantly you get a great quality product for only $3.

IMG_2599 IMG_2605

Avon smooth minerals blush is fabulous. It doesn’t wear off easily and feels so light.

Mary Kay oil-free eye makeup remover is a product I discovered during the last month of 2012, but I can say I love the product. Not only us it dry but it makes my skin feel hydrated.


Sexy Hair Organic leave-in conditioner has proven to protect my hair for excessive damage. I literally have not had o have hair trims as often.

Let us know if you would like know more about a specific product and we can do a review. Also, tell us what your favorite beauty products are maybe we may have something in common with, or you can introduce us to something we have never tried.

We plan to follow up this post with our favorite TV shows, movies, food/snacks of 2012.

~~ Cat and Cristy ~~

Halloween is tomorrow and even though I’m too old to trick-or-treat I’m definitely not too old to still have a little fun. In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to take a stab (no pun intended) at painting my nails “bloody red”.  Below are simple instructions on how to do it.

Step 1: Using a deep red nail polish draw a couple of (uneven) red lines and then place a dot or two of polish close to your cuticle line in order to create a dripping effect.

Step 2: Using the same red color, paint the tips of your polish. As you apply polish to the tips, ensure that the polish is blending with the drips.

Step 3: Apply topcoat and wualah!

Have a Happy Happy Halloween!!!


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