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I recently purchased several nail polish from Sally’s Beauty Store that were on clearance. Here is one of my favorites – Foie Gras by China Glaze from their Hunger Games collection.

Foie Gras is a milky, dark chocolate, brown which is a fantastic color for fall and I am sure I will be wearing it quite often.

What colors do you like for the fall?


In general, our last few posts have revolved around nails so I thought  I’d keep the theme going. A few weeks ago as I waited for my Catalina/4th of July inspired nails to dry, I thought…there must be something to help the polish on my nails dry faster! See, I’ve heard many myths of how one can achieve dry nails quickly (using Pam, cold water, blow dryer etc.) but I’ve never tried any of these myself.

So I decided to put some of these methods to test. The four methods I tested were ice-cold water, Nail Polish Dryer by Beauty Secrets, Dove hairspray and good old air-drying. I applied two coats of polish to four nails on my left hand and then applied a different “drying agent” on each nail. I allowed the agent to sit on each nail for about five minutes and then I simply ran my right-hand thumbnail across each nail and this is what I found…

Method 1 | Ice-cold water: Dipping my finger in a bowl of ice-cold water for 5 minutes was a disaster. Not only was my finger unconscious for another 5 minutes but it was the least effective method. The polish was extra gooey and I’m sure my thumb didn’t appreciate being submerged in ice-cold water for so long.

Method 2 | Nail Polish Dryer by Beauty Secrets:  This aerosol spray gets an 11 out of 10! My nail was completely dry after five minutes. When I ran my fingernail across it, nothing happened…not a dent or scratch. I highly recommend this product; it’s effective, inexpensive ($3.49 for 8.5 oz) and easy to get a hold of. I purchased mine at a retail Sally Beauty supply shop, but the product can also be ordered on the Sally Beauty website.

Method 3 | Hairspray: For this method I used Dove hairspray…I must note that the hairspray I used did not come in an aerosol can, not sure if that makes a difference. Either way, save the hairspray for hair. This technique did not deliver; it was a bit more effective than the ice water but not worth it. It made the polish thick and gunky.

Method 4 | Air Dry: As most of us know, unless you’re using quick-dry polish, five minutes is not long enough for nails to air dry. Air dry came in second to ice-cold water. While the polish was not gunky or gooey after five minutes, it was just not dry enough to be able to go on with the day without nicking or scratching the polish. For perfect air-dry results I would recommend waiting at least 15 minutes.

These nail quick-dry trials answered some of my questions, but if you have another method that you’ve tried please share with us.   We’d love to hear what products/methods you have tried or use regularly.


I believe makeup should enhance features not mask them, and one essential product that can make it or break it is eye liner. After experimenting with varies eye liners and putting them through the daily trials and tribulations, I have found an eye liner that is far better than a high-end one, hope this inspires you to try something new.

The two eye liners I experimented with are polar opposites – one is high-end and the other is low-end (drugstore).


High-end: Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-On pencil in zero (black)

Low-end: Milani, Liquif’Eye metallic pencil in 05 Brown


 Milani – super creamy, easy to glide on, long lasting, very pigmented and affordable (less than $10 at CVS, drugstore chain).

Urban Decay – creamy and easy to glide on.


Milani – the eye liner is very creamy which is good and bad. Good because it makes it easy to glide on, but it is bad because at times it makes it difficult to correct mistakes (aka crooked lines, yes, it happens).

Urban Decay – to my surprise this was not as long lasting or pigmented as the Milani, and it cost about twice as much.

Test one:

On my left hand create a single layer line, let it set for about a minute, and with my pointer finger rub back and forth five times. The Milani eye liner survives the test much better than the Urban Decay pencil, as shown here:

After the rubbing test:

Test two:

After test one has been completed I let about 30 minutes pass by then I wash my hands with soap. Once again, the Milani eye liner is clearly the winner:


After using the eye liners for several months and running them through varies tests, I give the wining title to the Milani Liquif’Eye liner pencil!


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