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Story Behind Foto: I believe there is beauty all around us; we just need to slow down and look closer to appreciate it.

Recently I had a conversation with my mother about photography and how much I enjoy taking foto’s. During our conversation, she mentioned that one of her friend’s and her had a similar conversation a few days prior. Her friends mentioned one of her hobbies is driving to coast and watching the sunset on the beach. My mother wondered why – why did her friend enjoy watching the sunset, why drive to see that, what was the big deal?

When I heard this come out of my mother’s mouth, I was surprise. My thoughts were, “duh, it’s gorgeous!”

She did not get it and I wondered why.

Now thinking about it, I wonder why it is that mom did not get such a simple concept. Is it that throughout her life she has had to live life without taking the time to slow down and appreciate the little things, or, is that currently there are other life issues running through her mind that are fogging up the ability to “smell the roses?”

Eventually I explained to her that watching the sunset is beautiful because of the multiple colors in the sky, and it is a tranquil setting by the beach. She got the point.

So, let this be a reminder for you to take time to appreciate the beauty around you whether it is a gorgeous sunset, a lonely flower growing in the middle a sidewalk, or the sweet smile of your significant other. Whichever it is, take time to appreciate that moment in time because you never know what tomorrow may bring.



Griffith ObservatoryStory behind foto: Earlier this month my dad turned a whole 60 years old and we celebrated by taking a day trip to L.A. This foto was taken on one of the terraces at the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills, adjacent to the Hollywood sign. In this picture I was able to capture a a view of L.A. and a small portion of the observatory as the sun began to set. I must say, aside from the beach, the Griffith Observatory is my favorite place to catch a sunset. Not only is it the ideal place for star gazing, but you also get some gorgeous views from the Hollywood Hills to the entire city of L.A. to the ocean. If you live in Southern California or ever get the chance to visit L.A., catching a sunset and star gazing at the Griffith Observatory is a must!


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