So, today we’re focusing on become a better woman and I am sharing a little something I found on-line:

Ten Rules for Brilliant Women by Tara Sophia Mohr

  1.  Make a pact (with yourself and be on your side).
  2. Imagine it ( dream big! “The vision becomes your compass)!
  3. Gasp (step out of your comfort zone and get the adrenaline flowing)!
  4. Get thick skin (learn to take criticism).
  5. Be an arrogant Idiot (have confidence in your abilities and self)!
  6. Question the Voice (in your hear, ask yourself what would ready look like)!
  7. Don’t wait for your Oscar (don’t wait for someone else to discover you and your talents – show the world what you’re made of)!
  8. Filter advice (do research and get advice but know what will for your vision and dreams).
  9. Recover & restore (what works for you, recover if need be).
  10. Let other women know they’re Brilliant (be specific as to why).

So, as I said, I believe all women should be brilliant which is why I am sharing these rules. Go out and be B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. women!