As you may recall, I am a bit frugal with my money, and one thing I totally cut out of my spending “budget” is going to the nail salon.

Yes, I enjoy getting pampered and trust me, I love a nice hand massage, but one thing I can enjoy more and for a longer period of time is my own collection of nail polish. Some may say I have a problem, I on the other hand would say, I like to have options – a lot of options.

Time to focus, an easy at home manicure is pretty simple and takes very few products.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A small bowl with warm water

– Cuticle remover

– Pick tool(s)

– Nail file

– Cuticle oil

– Hand towel

Step one:Fill half of your bowl with warm water (optional – add a little hand soap or olive oil for moisture) and put your finger tips in it for about 5-10 minutes.

Step two: Dry your finger tips with a towel.

Step three:Add a small amount of cuticle remover to your cuticle and let it sit for a few minutes. Remember, to read and follow the directions on the product.

Step four: After a few minutes have passed, use your pick tool to push back on your cuticle. Be gentle, don’t hurt yourself or damage your nail bed.

Step five: Wash your hands.

Step six: Use your nail file to straighten the edge of your nails and get rid of any unevenness. Also, give them shape – square, oval, or whatever you choose. You can also take this time to cut off any excess or dry/dead skin with a nail clipper (the ones with a slanted edge).

Step seven: Add cuticle oil to your nails, cuticle area and rub it in – give your fingertips a gentle massage to get blood circulating to your nails, so they can grow pretty and healthy. I usually let the oil sit for about 10 minutes then I wash it off.

After you’ve done all of the above then you’re ready to add some color to your naked nails. This is my favorite step.

So, go ahead and give this simple at home manicure a try, and see what you think. Share any tips you may have.