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Griffith ObservatoryStory behind foto: Earlier this month my dad turned a whole 60 years old and we celebrated by taking a day trip to L.A. This foto was taken on one of the terraces at the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills, adjacent to the Hollywood sign. In this picture I was able to capture a a view of L.A. and a small portion of the observatory as the sun began to set. I must say, aside from the beach, the Griffith Observatory is my favorite place to catch a sunset. Not only is it the ideal place for star gazing, but you also get some gorgeous views from the Hollywood Hills to the entire city of L.A. to the ocean. If you live in Southern California or ever get the chance to visit L.A., catching a sunset and star gazing at the Griffith Observatory is a must!


fluffy white clouds while driving in California

Story behind foto: As some of you may know, I live in Northern California (NorCal) and lately we’ve had some really ridiculous hot days. I am talking over 100 degrees for days in a row, luckily today’s in the high 80’s topping off at high 90’s. Anyway, several days ago on my drive home I noticed interesting cloud formations up above. I decided to whip-out my camera and document what I was seeing, mind you this was taken after work so around 5:30’ish pm. You should also know, when I see interesting cloud formations they always remind me of the opening scene in the Simpsons. “The Simpsons…” (that’s suppose to be the intro. song), can you hear it?

Hope you’re all having a great day, Happy Foto Friday!


Story behind foto: meet Meelah, my (our) fur baby. Yes, her name is pronounced Mi-luh, and it was inspired by the gorgeous Mila Kunis. As I mentioned, Meelah is our fur baby, well, you see she’s more like an adult; she’s 6 (human) years old which in cat years she’s 42! Yikes! No wonder she’s a little less energetic now-a-days. You should know Meelah is an only child, she enjoys napping in cardboard boxes, and her favorite activity is chasing a laser light. And she’s a super sweet kitty. Oh, and we rescued her from a shelter in Southern California, when she was about a month old.


Person interpretation of “Growth” theme for the weekly photo challenge on Daily Post. Something about this tiny green plant really caught my attention… What’s your interpretation of the word Growth?

As I mentioned before, each Friday I will post a photo of the week (aka Foto Friday). Feel free to check back on Friday.


Story behind foto: In case you missed my last post, Cristy and I attended the Gilroy Garlic Festival last weekend. Here’s what I captured on my way home, so I wanted to share it with you.



Last weekend Cristy and I “reunited” at our annual Gilroy Garlic Festival meet-up, this was our second year attending the event.

Here I am sharing our foodie adventure and our quest for Deep Fried Garlic Cloves.

It all started with ice-cold Sangria:

In case you are wondering, no it had no garlic.

Next we decided to get food… I got Garlic Fries and they were delicious!

Cristy got Deep Fried Artichokes, because we did not find Deep Fried Garlic Cloves which we tried last year and we loved! Artichokes were good, but we would prefer fried garlic cloves.

Another friend got delicious noodles. I would have never thought of buying noodles at a garlic festival, but thank goodness she did because they were AMAZING!

We also had garlic marinated shrimp, thanks to another friend who attended the festival.

After we ate all this food, which we shared with each, our next mission was to find blended Mimosa’s. Last year we tried these mimosa’s and they were deliciously refreshing in the mid 80’s weather.

If you happen to attend the festival in 2013 you can find Mimosa’s at the Wine Pavilion.

As I mentioned before, we were on a mission to find Deep Fried Garlic Cloves, but all we found were garlic braids.

Then we found the best place in the ENTIRE festival… We called it the “Club Rain,” nope not like in Las Vegas this is Gilroy, CA.

Here you have the Rain

This place was amazing! Why? The rain room is a misting room which definitely made the heat more tolerable. We seriously staying at “club rain” for about 45 minutes.

Anyway, this fun event eventually came to an end, we all went home. Here’s what I captured on my drive back to my Casa (home).

Isn’t this an amazing sunset, I think so.

Hope you enjoyed our foodie adventure, we sure did! If you decide to attend the festival in 2013 let us know… We may see you there.


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